Outsider Takes World Sales on ‘Submerged’ (EXCLUSIVE)


SAN SEBASTIAN  — Paul Hudson’s Outsider Pictures has acquired world sales rights to“Submergible” (Submerged) a narco capsule-sub-set drama thriller from Ecuador’s Alfredo León León who debuted with an original prisoner-of-war drama, “Open Wound.”

Written by Daniela Granja Nuñez and Alfredo León León, “Submerged” is produced out of Ecuador by León León’s Boom en Cuadro and Carnaval Cine, whose Arturo Yépez and Sebastián Cordero whose credits include “Such is Life in the Tropics.”

Colombia’s Proyección Films co-produces. Yépez, Cordero León León and Colombia’s Simón Beltrán, Diego Bustamante and Juan Pablo Solano serve as producers, Natalia Rojas as executive producer.

Taking the spectator inside the world of the narco-submarine, predominantly used by the Colombian drug cartels to move drugs to Mexico and ultimately the U.S., the “plucked from the headlines thriller,” as Hudson describes it, features a star Latino cast of Natalia Reyes (“Terminator: Dark Fate,” “Birds of Passage”), Leynar Gómez (“Narcos”), José Restrepo (“Club de Cuervos,” “The Ballad of Hugo Sánchez”) and Carlos Valencia (“Ratas, Ratones, Rateros”).

“‘Submerged’ is a unique piece of cinema not commonly seen in Latin America. Its story sheds light on one of the darkest, unknown truths of the drug business. Natalia Reyes’ and her fellow actors performances make it a must watch thriller,”

“Drug traffickers seek pawns to do their bidding in trafficking drugs. They prey on desperate people who want to provide for their families, cannot find jobs, are gullible to some scam, succumb to their greediness, or sometimes are merely just trying to survive,” León León commented.

He added: “‘Submerged’ is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience first hand what thousands of Latin American fishermen go through by being forced or tricked into a dangerous job. They are drug mules at sea.”

Variety has had exclusive access to some stills from the film.